AmyNicholsWith a background in music, graphic design, web editing and nonprofit publishing, I began producing video in 2008. Video enables me to bring all of my experience and gifts together to create pieces that elicit an emotional response from the viewer and inspire a call to action. I love to work with the change-agents of the world, and I specialize in creating more visibility, impact and presence for businesses and organizations through the power of video.

Video can have a huge impact on how the people you serve understand your products and services. More people are likely to watch a video than read text, and the chances of them taking action increase with video. Amy Nichols Productions specializes in creating more impact, presence and business for you through the power of video. We start with your end result, and work with you from concept to creation to produce video that will get you results with impact!

Services: Video Internet Marketing, Filming, Video, Creative, Editing, Animation